Professional Security Services in Montreal - Alpha Security

Trustworthy, reliable and professional

Our Security Services

Security guard

Our multi qualified team will create an authentic experience, in which our priority is to fully satisfy your requests in order to ensure your peace of mind.

Shadowing and investigation

Our agents undergo intensive training that allows them to adapt and learn from each situation as well as to deepen their spinning technique.

Patrol service

Our patrol on the move, with clearly marked vehicles, helps prevent vandalism, theft and any other incident that can put your safety at risk.

Close protection

Our agents, through their investigative skills as well as their keen sense of observation, will ensure your protection with complete discretion and professionalism.

Security escort

Our team carries out short or long-term mandates, in which our agents are trained to react to all types of emergencies while meeting each of your requirements.

Loss prevention

Our specialized team will assist you by providing advice to reduce losses and the chances of theft while being present to help you achieve your goals.


Tactical teams

(Strike, Disaster, Attack)
Our tactical teams are made up of very carefully chosen and specialized agents who are trained by the co-founder of the agency. By choosing Alpha Security, you can fully concentrate on other aspects of the situation.

Personalized service

Our team is committed to providing tailored services. The agency will adapt to your needs and requests.